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Sunless Tanning

We offer Delaware Valley's premier options in Sunless tanning Norvell-Amber Sun Airbrush System and Versa Spa automatic spray booth. Both offer the most advanced customized sunless tanning experience that produces an express, quick drying, natural, long lasting "just off the beach tan"!


Versa Spa:

Versa Spa spray tan system is unique in that it has an open design so you never feel closed in or smothered during the spraying process.  The spray is a very fine mist Organic solution and the whole process only takes 4 to 6 minutes. We can easily customize your session depending on your skin tone with one of 3 preset color choices resulting in a beautiful instant tan.  The moisturizer spray will help optimize the length and color of your spray tan.  We also have a great home skin care line made by Versa Spa that perfectly compliments your spray tan.  If you are interested in trying the Versa Spa we have a short instructional video you can watch and we can also show you how to get the best sunless tan possible.



Norvell Airbrush:

Norvell Airbrush Tanning is a customized, worry free spray tan that is performed by one of our technicians to your color specification using Amber Sun 98% Organic solutions which deliver a polished Hollywood Star look. We offer coordinating Amber Sun products for take home use to prep and prolong your sunless tan.  

An appointment is needed to insure a trained airbrush technician is available for this service.


The Natural / DHA used in both the Norvell & Versa Spa solutions can process up to 24 hours however we recommend you wait 8-12 hours before showering. You may wish to rinse your hands & feet after 3 hours because this skin tends to be a little dry thus accepting the color more quickly.

Please feel free to call us if you have questions our Staff can assist you in choosing the right Sunless application technique for you. 


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