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Hydration Station:

-The Prepare Program which delivers moisture that enhances your natural melanin for a richer looking UV tanning experience uses the Mineral Melanin serum.

- Prolong Program which delivers moisture and topical steam that enhances a streak free sunless tan uses the Aloe Vera serum.

-The Protect Program delivers moisture to skin and improves the appearance of skin tone and texture. This is a wet steam unit that helps with natural body cleansing, moisture retention, improved skins texture and tonality giving it a beautiful sculpted appearance. There are two serums that you can choose from Co Q Contour for slimming and smoothing skin and E & C for very dry skin the vitamin C will help exfoliate & the vitamin E will help repair & moisturize.

Sessions run between 20 and 30 minutes.


The Fit Bodywrap:

The far infrared heat energy - FIR refers to a segment of the light spectrum invisible to the human eye emitted by the FIT Bodywrap. People are naturally warmed by FIR rays, and they have numerous benefits:

-Boost our immune system

-Enhance blood flow

-Decrease water clusters and improve the flow of bodily fluids

-Detoxify the body by releasing tissue-bound toxins such as heavy metals and acidic compounds

-Burn 1000s of calories per wrap session - on average one burns 1600 calories

-Treatment of muscle spasms

-Alleviation of joint stiffness

-Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

-Increases blood flow up to 13 quarts per minute

FIR has also been noted as having the ability to provide superior cardiovascular benefits similar to running a marathon; only without the joint deterioration.

The FIT Bodywrap also aides with Weight Loss. Heat from a FIT Bodywrap works to get underneath the fat tissue, thinning the blood so that it can get into the areas where fat exists. By applying heat to our body's "cold spots" we're able to soften the fat tissue and speed up the body's metabolism, thus causing the fat tissue to enter the blood stream in the form of calories that can be burned up as energy. Sweat is fueled by this energy from the converted fatty acids. Sweat not only cools your body, but it acts as a garbage collector. Sweat is such an effective detox method, that it additionally draws out lactic acid which is one of the main causes of stiff muscles and general fatigue.

The Fit is a 60 minute session and we block 75 minutes for your visit. We ask that you make an appointment or call ahead to make sure it is available.



HydroMassage is a full 25 minute massage managed by you using a touch screen to control the 95 degree water jets located within the bed. These water jets can go from a light tickle to shiatsu level pressure, these jets can also be pinpointed to hit specific areas of your body throughout your session. Giving you a completely customized massage session. The touchscreen also allows you to play preset video games and mini movies.


Rejuvasun with Omnilux which is the first and only FDA cleared medical grade photo therapy device combining skin rejuvenating with optional tanning. The Omnilux system is safe for everyone at any age and all skin types or skin color. It is used around the world by over 9000 plastic surgeons and dermatologists. There are 3 types of serums to choose from for your desired results. In younger skin you can expect improved tone, texture and elasticity, pore size reduction, lightening age spots, evening out skin pigmentation and reducing the appearance of crows feet when using the Repairing Regime. More mature skin can expect up to 74% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, 84% of subjects showed improved skin tone and more than 70% showed improved smoothness and clarity along with 68% the skin along with improved texture, tone and elasticity when using the Firming Regime. For problematic complexions such as acne use the Clearing Regime to purge clogged pores, balance complexion and soothe irritated skin. For best results alternate 20 minute sessions of Near Infrared lights with Red lights for 8 times in the first month then maintain with 2 sessions one of each per month there after. Unless doing Clearing Regime ONLY use Red lights. We also offer a wonderful line of topical treatments for your home regime by Lumiere.


ShineWhite is a simple, self-managed procedure without having to pay the high costs associated with current dentist teeth whitening procedures. It is FDA approved and safe for all to use. This unique teeth whitening system uses a special blend of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide based teeth whitening gel along with the use of 12 LED lights for bleaching. The LED light activates the gel, speeding up the bleaching process while enhancing its performance. The ShineWhite system is capable of whitening both the upper and lower teeth simultaneously with one, 10 or 20 minute visit!



Our Sauna is maintained at 170 - 180 degrees & is wonderful to help prevent infections if you feel an illness coming on just pop in for 15 - 20 minutes each day until you feel better. It also helps to sweat out toxins thus making you feel more awake & alive. Sauna therapy can be very helpful for detoxification; for toxic chemicals and metals sequestered in muscle or nerve tissue, it may be the most effective method for removing them.








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